Friday, September 12, 2008

Las Vegas Odds Makers Consider The Battle Between The Long Tears Of Little Ruby versus Queen Elizabeth II In The Dominion Over Canada

ER v F C N : What Are The Odds For A New Constitution ... ? ? ?
There are battalions looming over the dominion of Canada; and, it is settling down to become a defiant struggle between two very determined and regal women before the United Nations International Court of Justice at the Hague.

This royal event is about the founding of Canada versus the paramount existence of North Turtle Island. And, there is a forum for debate and resolution named the United Nations.

The question of the moment is WHO will bring forward the strongest allies ? What are the odds of attracting international support for their argument of nation statehood before the UN Credentials Committee ? How will the legacies o the Royal Commission on Aboriginal People and the Residential Schools Settlements and subsequent Parliamentary Apology apply to this settlement ? Does allodial custom title by tradition supersede and remain paramount to the claim of Elizabeth II's monarchical fee simple by eminent domain? Who will prevail? Will the aboriginal First Citizens dictate the Terms & Conditions of the new Canada Constitution ? Will The European Court Of Human Rights and the United nations require Elizabeth II forsake her crown jewels and hereditary assets to the UN Sovereign Trust for the legal counsel expenses of children who are required to live in mouldy homes?

The odds are always in favour of the House. And, Elizabeth II has a large House.

But, Little Ruby comes to the table with 10,000 years of oral and evident testimony that she and her families have never abandoned their Lodges; that they are not Terra Nullius. And, further, that, today, this is the moment of recompense.

We do ask you to place your bets: The Elizabeth II House of Gnomes; or, the ancestral Lodges of 400,000,000 indigenous people around the world who are watching to see where this dust will settle.

Your corners, please !
Oh, by the way ... Little Ruby is a 15-year RCMP veteran ... a very serious Speaker; with connections ... as does Elizabeth II ... How to form a nation in accordance with the UN Charter ... Will the United Nations survive the global agenda of the New World Order Gnomes ??? Will your children know how their lives are managed years in advance by cryptic decision-makers who gather under extreme security; secured against open media investigation ... How do you exercise your empowerment as a First Citizen ?
You Corners, Please !!!